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Two Reasons Of Why Batman Vs Superman Is Bad

It’s true that the DC movie franchises have been left more than a step behind by its competitor, the marvel franchise. That’s why after the success of its two movies, “Man of Steel”, and the “Dark Knight”, DC is trying to compete with marvel Avenger, by building a movie which will lead to the DC’s superhero universe, the “Justice League”. However, it’s a big disappointment that the “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of the Justice league”, has dissatisfied many DC fans. If you’re looking for more Block Buster info, check the

There are a couple of reasons of why Batman vs Superman movie has made a lot of its fan to be disappointed:

Too much Batman back story

We all know that Batman is also an important character in this movie. However, the thing that the fans are waiting is not the sad story of Batman sad childhood, due to it has been told in many Batman movies. It will be better if the movie beginning is telling the audiences about the stronger reasons for why Batman has to fight with Superman. Unfortunately, instead of giving a good reason of why Batman should fight with that legendary superhero, the early part of the movie is giving us the more unnecessary flashback of Batman sad childhood, which has been told in many Batman movies.

Two hours of talking and last minutes of actions

Every audience know that spicing up the story before the action begins is necessary. However, in the Batman vs Superman movie, the spices are just too much. The fans have waited for years in order to see these two colossal heroes of DC fight between each other. However, they’ve just got lots and lots of talking. It’s not for just a few minutes of the movie, it’s for more than two hours. To put it bluntly, giving the fans who’ve waited for many years for a movie full of talking instead of fighting, is not a good idea.