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Several things that we can do in a condominium

A home is a castle for the owner. Therefore a lot of people organize their homes in such a way and make it look nice. Not only on the outside of the house but also in the interior of the house. In iNz Residences, we might be able to arrange the beauty of our rooms to our willing. We just need to carry several things of the place we live before because most of the condos are fully furnished and all that things are provided by the developer. Thus the price of a condominium can be started from $ 500,000 and up to $ 800,000 depending on the size of the building. We can not be denied that there are still many shortcomings of the condo when compared to traditional homes. The traditional homeowner could renovate their homes with the latest styles. It’s very easily done by the owner of a traditional home but what about the owner of the condo? Unlike the comprehensive homeowners with horizontal, vertical homeowners are limited in the placement of the property such as a closet, cabinet, and others. It is impossible if we put our property to place higher with the objective of filling the empty space.

If we want to renovate, we could renovate the room by converting paint the walls with wallpaper or add decorations on the walls of the room but we could not renovate the exterior of the building because it was not a personal right. In addition to interior rooms, we can also change the properties provided by the organizer with the notes we have to pay for the property as the price. We may not find a match with the properties of the manager and want to mix and match the interior of the room with the property that we have. Have our own style for a place to stay is important because it could be the identity of the place we live. Although a lot of money we spend to replace the previous property, we will not feel the loss due satisfaction are harder to obtain than money.