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How to Safely Perform Tanning

Trend tanning indeed proved that dark skin is sexier, but we do not get stuck with the ongoing trend, keep the risks to be obtained. To obtain a safe tanning, you can visit Sun Tan City and get the Sun Tan City Packages offer for you to enjoy.

Doing tanning sunbathing under the sun have your chances of getting cancer, therefore we recommend that you do tanning by visiting Sun Tan City, but if you still want to bask in the sun, we suggest the following ways:

– Avoid the direct sun between 11 am to 4 pm. This is the time where the sun is very hot. UV light at this time, enough to harm the health of the skin, such as skin becomes red, sore and burning.

– Prior to tanning, protect your skin by using sunscreen SPF 30+. Do this about 15-30 minutes before sunbathing.

– The time needed for tanning maximum 1 hour. How to effectively determine the current state of maximum skin tanning process is, if the skin is already warm.