The other functions of the human kidney that you might don’t know

Human blood circulation system is very complex and holds the important role in the human body. It delivers the oxygen, nutrition, and even water to the whole parts of the body. However, the blood circulation isn’t always just carrying the good stuff. Sometimes it also carries the toxins, chemicals, and other dangerous substances that originated from the remnants of the things that we’ve consumed. This toxins and chemicals could have a lot of negative impact toward the human body. Fortunately, the human body have an organ that’s called the kidney. If you’ve already heard about its functions as the blood filter, urine generator, and also the liquid or fluid stabilizer, the nephrologist in bangalor wants to share some other functions of the kidney.

Here are the other functions of the human kidney that you need to know :

1. Maintains the balance between the acid and base

The kidney maintains the balance between the acid and base in the body fluid by excreting them trough the urine.

2. Regulates the potassium in our blood

The potassium is a mineral that functioned to create all kinds of cells, organs, and also to maintain the well-being of our organs. The potassium is very crucial for our body. However, if it’s too much, it could cause the hyperkalemia that’s causing the heart to stop beating, or simply beat irregularly. If it’s too low in our blood, then our body will be exhausted, the skin will be dried, the muscle is weakened, and our reflex will be slower. That’s why the kidney will absorb or excrete the potassium in our body, in order to balance the amount of potassium in our blood.

3. Excretes the dangerous substances from our body

The kidney will excrete the harmful compounds in our body such as urea, uric acid, ammonia, creatinine, inorganic salt, bacteria, and also medicines. If all of those substances are not being thrown out of our body, then they will be the poison that could be lethal to ourselves.

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